Micron Memory Card Data Recovery

Recover damage files from memory cards


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Micron Memory Card Data Recovery is a simple application that lets you recover files from a memory card that was damaged in any way, either by external (with a few limitations) or internal means.

Using the program is as easy as inserting the memory card onto the computer, double-clicking on the executable file, selecting if you want to carry out an advanced or standard search, and then just waiting. Depending on the card's capacity, and how damaged it is, you may have to wait up to ten or 15 minutes, so you can go ahead and do anything else during that time.

Micron Memory Card Data Recovery is perfectly compatible with memory cards from Olympus, Kingston, Jet Flash, Konica, Kodak, Digital Dream, Sony, Panasonic, Nikon, Ricoh, Philips, Pentax, FujiFilm; and supports storage volumes that range from 64 MB (which are no longer produced) to 16 GB.

Micron Memory Card Data Recovery is a tool that you hopefully will never have to use, although having it will make your life easier if you ever do need it. The format the images are in, JPG, PNG, BMP or RAW, doesn’t matter, you will be able to recover them.
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